e-commerce Online

Hello Everyone. As far as selling your products or services online is concerned, the very first question that comes in mind is that how to sell online? And being aware of the market trends, how to start my ecommerce website? Are there companies which provide ecommerce website development services? And all you want to do is start selling online today.

As we all know that online business is trending and growing everyday every second.  And Asia is the largest growing market for online business. Starting from apparels to property, everything is available for selling online. There are certain ways using which you can enter online market

1.Using 3rd Party portals for selling online

We all are aware of Ebay, Amazon, flipkart, Snapdeal and many other websites which provide you facility and opportunity of selling online. All you have to do is register on them, provide the documentation and start selling online. They provide you good scope for online business. But that market provides you a great competition as along with you there are many other sellers also who are there to sell their products. These portal charges certain percentage of the product amount start from 8-15% as the part of their fees. So these markets provide you lesser amount of profit. They need all your documentation before proceeding so that you can start selling online today. If you want to make your listing premium, they will charge you higher amount for that. So this can be a great way of selling online and start your ecommerce business.

2.Create Free store online

There are various service provides which provide you free ecommerce portal development services. These portals like paytm and wix provides you facility of creating your online store free of cost, but these portals are not fully featured ecommerce portals, there are certain limitations for these kind of selling stores. You don’t have facility of amending your portal or change its layout. And what other features you want are not provided in these portals. Even you won’t have your dedicated domain free of charge on them. If you need a dedicated domain, then you have to pay for that domain.

 3. E Commerce Website Development Companies

There are companies in the market like Cartofy.com , Ecommercedevelopers.in and many other companies which provide you facility of ecommerce web development. These ecommerce web development companies charge a small amount and provide you assistance for ecommerce web solutions. These shopping cart development companies design the portal as per your need. They have developers and professional which keep your requirement in consideration so that these ecommerce website design company provides you best of the best services. They have a simple pricing structure and provides you lots of features like responsive layout, live chat, payment gateway integration and many other. You can place the order to them and they provide you ecommerce web solutions for a better portal. They can take time from 24 hours to 1 month depending over the features and requirement and time taken by the payment gateway.