Email Marketing

Email marketing is not any new concept nowadays, but there are so many organizations that are still not incorporate into email marketing strategies. There are several queries that arise in the mind is

-What is Email Marketing?

-Is it the waste of time or money?

-How much is it effective for our business?

Email marketing is an art to build up a reliable relationship with the customers, collect valuable data and get the result in increased sales. It basically empowers you to build customer loyalty, acquire trust and promote your brand and encourage your customers with emails and SMS marketing.

Most of the people claim that email marketing no longer effective now, so this is just misinterpretations. It is not the wasting of time. There are a lot of features and benefits that are come under in email marketing rather than other marketing tools like social media and other marketing methods. This doesn’t mean that dismiss all other marketing tools, but this is very reliable and getting multiple techniques to fulfill the goal of the market. This is an effective tool for marketing. Unfortunately, it seems to be a bad reputation in few businesses who are not able to understand it fully.

How does it work?

As in your business, what matters is that what you do and what is the quality of your relationship with your customers?

If you want that your business should be on the top of everyone’s mind then email marketing is the best way to make a connection with your customers. It is very easy to use and very powerful method. By using this way, you can sell out your product online in the whole world.

Types of Email Marketing:-

  • Transactional Email Marketing
  • Marketing EMail
  • Regular Communication

Email Marketing

Transactional Email marketing is one-on-one marketing process which completes a transaction or process the recipient has started with you. It builds a relationship between customer and the company. These emails are basically used to send transactions detail, shipping detail of an order, information about the items, price list, and shipment.

Marketing Emails are basically used for the promotional messaging, announcements and for any special purposes. These emails are sent to a group of people/customers.

Regular Communication is normally just to stay in touch with the customer.