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In the present modernized world, in order to move from small business to next level, everyone should consider about to use unconventional technologies. The most imperative aspect is ecommerce that allow that permits to extend a client base. If you are keen to add an ecommerce product to your business, exploit the advantage of shopping cart development solution. Cartofy imparts a definitive, shopping cart development solutions for your ecommerce websites.

If you are the owner of the business or handling any business, then you're likely to keen on figuring out to begin selling products online. With our reasonable price solutions, you are able to get professional ecommerce website. We believe in designing and developing comprehensive shopping cart solutions that is par excellence & capable of serving the prerequisites of its targeted client in the most proficient way. Our responsibility is to smooth out the wrinkles and enable your venture to meet up on time and under budget.

Our team coordinates with all the imperative functionality that introduces your listing and influences the customizations you to need to drive MORE sales. Achieve new statures with our ecommerce expertise and innovation.

Our ECommerce Portal's Compatible Devices

Android Phones

Apple / Windows Phone

Tab / Ipad


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How we Earn ?

We are building our clients base as of now. Since it is annual plan, it includes our shopping cart development services charges.

What is included in Maintenance

It includes payments like Domain + Email + Hosting + Database Management and our Service charges

Your Data privace

Your data privacy is carried out at its maximum. Your data is your property and it is kept highly secret

Why I have to pay annually ?

We are leasing out the shopping cart development solutions/services to you so that you can enter in online market with very very very low investment so AMC is being charged.