When thinking of ECommerce websites, we have the first picture in our mind is a big market and an easy to sell way for our business. But along with that, there are certain factors which we must follow in order to make that ECommerce website more usable and successful.

When we talk about the eCommerce market of India, there are certain facts and figures which we must have a look and don’t ignore. You will be amazed to know that over 653 million people in the Asia have purchased the products online which is approximately 48% of the internet user share. It includes hotel booking, air tickets, grocery, apparels and everything which can be sold online. As per the data in 2016, over 41 million buyers online are of digital products which are approximately 27% of the online users in India. But how do these online sellers manage to sell so many products online? There are many factors, small or big, to be considered so that you can have a more usable and successful ECommerce website.

Don’t hurry to target the market

This is right. What usually people do is make the launch date clash with some festivals or birthdays but along with that they make a rush to launch the eCommerce website in the market with some incompletion and in the result, they get more and more bounce backs. By the time you are not with the portal just don’t launch it. Just put “Under Construction” and ask your eCommerce development company to put under construction and keep on developing it on some subdomain. Launch it once it is completed because we all know that well begin is half done.

Consider the user requirements

If you have hired an agency to develop your eCommerce website then give them the clear instructions to keep the visitors need for considerations. And that you have to tell them what they have to focus on. Because you know better for your business so let them know that what kind of customers will be visiting you and they will optimize the website accordingly.

Test Properly

We usually test our eCommerce website while development or pre-launch but we never test it post-launch. At least not multiple times. This leads to some issues with the customers and you may lose the order. So it is better to test it pre and post-launch properly for the errors. If you found one, that means you are lucky.

Focus on social media

Social media is the best way to be aware of the market requirements and trends. So you should definitely integrate some social media elements on your website so that you can be in touch with the market. Get the share button of social media integrated into your eCommerce website from your eCommerce development company so that you can be socially active on the social media.

Don’t forget Mobile Users

With the statistics, you should know that mobile users have more share in shopping as compared to website users. So M-Commerce is the new term which you should not forget. As per the records, the mobile spend has increased from $206 Billion to almost 2 to 3 times and by 2018, it will be over $630 billion. So that is the big market don’t forget that. If not the mobile application for your eCommerce portal, at least as your eCommerce developers to make a good responsive website.

Get the best ranking on search engine

Where do people search for the required product? Search Engines. That’s right. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo are searched by the internet users to buy some products. And the top rankings do the good business. So if you want to be successful then be on the top of the search engines. If you are able to achieve top 3 ranks that means you are the market king.

Do keep your customer requirements on priority

We all know about mouth to mouth publicity. Even you might have criticized the service of the company in front of your friends if you haven’t got the required satisfaction. You will “Hey! Don’t buy from that website, it is a cheat they sell low-quality products or they are not offering returns”. But at the same time, you are buying and completely satisfied, you will say “Hey bro! buy fitness equipment from fitnesscosmo.com. They sell original products and have good service.” So what impression you want from your customers is totally up to you.

Keep on improving

With the time you should keep on updating your eCommerce website. You can have a tie-up with certain eCommerce development companies to keep on updating your website on regular basis and keep on putting something new every time. If not features then at least keep on updating offers and banners because customers are not happy seeing one thing each and every time they open your website.

Have patience

Every business takes time to get settled down. The business doesn’t run in a week or a month or year. It may take multiple years to get settled down. So don’t lose your hope if you are not making the profit in first months or year. Just wait. Even if you are at par, it will be a big achievement for you in your business.

Have a proper business model

Though it will take some investment or money but have a proper business model. If you will have a proper business model you will be able to achieve your objective quicker as comparative to mind planning. So have a proper business model ready for your eCommerce website.

These certain factors will definitely help you attain a successful and more usable eCommerce website in the market.